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Michael W. Zuerch
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
University of California Berkeley
237B Hildebrand Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720

Lab: DG30 Giauque Hall
E-Mail: mwz@berkeley.edu
Phone: (510)-697-2342

Faculty Support Administrator: Leslie Dietterick


E-Mail: ldietterick@berkeley.edu

We are constantly looking for motivated new team members. In our group you will be able to advance your knowledge about laser instrumentation, vacuum instrumentation, nonlinear optics, light-matter interaction, carrier and lattice dynamics in solids, modeling of related phenomena, various spectroscopy techniques and much more.

Prerequisites are a high level of curiosity to experimentally study fastest processes in nature as well as a commitment to excellence. The capability of working in a team is of cardinal importance. Desired skill sets or research interests are in ultrafast spectroscopy, nonlinear/ultrafast optics, X-ray spectroscopy, excited state dynamics, high vacuum instrumentation. Experience in material fabrication or synthesis is a bonus.

Undergraduate students are encouraged to send their resume with their inquiry.

Prospective graduate students who are interested in applying to the Chemistry and AS&T programs at UC Berkeley are encouraged to reach out before their application or at any point afterwards to discuss possible projects and research interests.

Graduate students admitted to the Chemistry, AS&T, and programs of neighboring departments are encouraged to reach out by email. (Note: Graduate students / PhD students who are not already admitted to the graduate program at UC Berkeley must first apply for admission here)

Post-doctoral applicants should send their letter of motivation, resume, research summary and arrange for up to 3 recommendation letters.

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