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Extreme Photonics

In our lab we develop and employ light sources that have extremely short pulse durations. In the optical domain we routinely achieve pulse durations of a few femtoseconds covering the whole visible light spectrum and the near-infrared. Locking the electric field of the laser pulse to its envelope, so-called carrier-envelope phase stabilization, allows us to taylor optical and near-infrared laser pulses such that they can either be employed for phase-resolved excitation (“pump”) or for nonlinear up-conversion into the extreme ultraviolet and soft X-ray range (“probe”) allowing for transient absorption spectroscopy in the pump-probe scheme.

Furthermore, the Zuerch Lab conducts experiments together with other research groups at Free-electron laser facilities. There, we leverage the extreme intensities a focused ultrafast X-ray beam can reach for achieving a non-linear X-ray response of the material. This provides access to surface and interfacial electronic properties and allows combining material selectivity and high-resolution imaging with surface specificity. These new tools will provide unique insights in the processes governing for example photocatalythic reactions on nanostructured surfaces.


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